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In all references I mention GNU/Linux instead of Linux.This link explains why we call it GNU/Linux

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If you are planning to install GNU/Linux you might want to check out a small starter article which Im writing(It is a Work in Progress article).
Planning to Install GNU/Linux

Are there any good reference card for things in Unix/GNU/Linux like bash,vi,emacs,gdb,apache,perl etc ??
Yeah there are a couple of places where you can download reference cards free of charge.
Programming Zone - C/C++, Java, Matlab, UML Oracle etc@OneSmartClick.Com (tm) - The source for quick reference cards
Other Reference cards Another collection of reference cards.

Is there a way in which I can access my GNU/Linux box from my cell phone??
CUTs is the tool which you can use to do just that.

How do I connect to my GNU/Linux box from a Windoze box??
There are many ways in which you can connect to the GNU/Linux box.All the software listed is free
1.Using Telnet(which comes built into Windows)
2.Using the secure ssh client Putty

GUI Based
1.By Using XFree86 for windows.Here is the installation guide for it.
2.By using Real VNC or TightVNC

My DSL provider requires me to Dial-up using PPPoE software which is only for Windoze.Are there any free/open source software available for GNU/Linux ??
You can use PPPoeconf software which comes in most of the GNU/Linux distributions.If your distribution does not come with this software you can download it from Roaring Penguins website.

I have a dual partition machine which has Windoze and GNU/Linux.Sometimes I need to boot into Windoze.Now while Im booted in windoze is there a way to access files which are on my GNU/Linux partition ??
Yes you can do this with ltools

I have a dual partition machine which has Windoze and GNU/Linux.Sometimes I need to boot into Windoze.Now while Im booted in GNU/Linux is there a way to access files which are on my Windoze partition ??
Yes you can do this with
If the partition is a FAT/FAT32 partition then you can mount the partition like this
#mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/fatmount
On my machine it is hda1 but it can vary on your machine.If you have a SCSI drive then it would be probably something like /dev/sda1 . If the partition is a NTFS partition then you can mount the partition like above just instead of vfat type in ntfs.So the above example would be like

#mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/fatmount

Is there a way to play DVD/VCD on GNU/Linux ??
These are the two players available which you can use to play DVD,VCD,mpeg,avi files etc.

I would really suggest that you install the above software using apt-get instead of finding each and every library required by the software.For installation instruction check out the next question.

Is the famous debian package management apt-get available for RPM-based distros like RedHat ??
Yes apt-get is available for Red Hat too.
The best thing about this is that you just choose a package which you need to install and it will automatically download not only the package which you select but it will also download all the dependencies.This is a real real time saver.
There are installation instructions also available for it on this page.
N.B.There is one thing missing in the instruction that is that after you install apt-get you should run the command "apt-get update" as root .
Also if would like a nice graphical front-end to apt-get download synaptic from for your particular distribution.

I want to install a software say "XYZ" but there are no ready-made rpm's available for my distribution,only source code is available but I do not have a development environment to build the code ??
You can try these websites as they build the rpm's for popular software and for various different distributions.
Fresh Rpm's

Is there some alternate software for GNU/Linux like Napster or a gnutella client for GNU/Linux ??
Gtk-Gnutella is pretty good.

Another gnutella client is called Phex.It is a completely java based client and hence runs on all platforms where java runs.

I use GNU/Linux on a Laptop,is there a way in which I can put my computer in a Standby or Sleep mode to conserve battery power??
Yes you can do that.APM(Advanced Power Management) is used for doing that.Type in man apm on a command prompt and you can see all the options.I typically use the option apm -s to put my laptop in the standby mode.

Are there any GUI-based tools for GNU/Linux administration??
A Web-based admin tool

Is there a free C++ Development Environment availbale ??
KDevelop (KDE-based)

Is there a gui-based file difference/comparison tool??

Is there a free memory leak detector for GNU/Linux??
Valgrind, an open-source memory debugger for x86-linux is the tool which is used for checking memory leaks.Some of the major projects which use valgrind are Mozilla,KDE gnome etc.To the best of my knowledge it is available only for GNU/Linux.

Is there an ODBC port for GNU/Linux/Unix so that I can use some of the databases which are available for Windows??
You can use UnixODBC to access database which is ODBC-compliant.

I want to keep my Redhat box up-to-date with the latest erratas,bug fixes etc but as I have not paid for the annual support usually whenever I try to use the auto-update it asks me to try in another 30-60 mins??
This happens to a lot of people as we do not have annual support.In this case thanks to all the mirror sites.What you can do is download the updates for your whole network.Red Hat Mirror sites.Download all the Updates and distribute it amongst your friends or co-workers.

Another way to automate this task is to useAutoRPM which will check everyday on a scheduled basis the updates and it can automatically synchronise your local directory with the mirror and it can also automatically install the updates for you.
Yet another way is install the apt-get utility for Red Hat and just execute the command "apt-get upgrade" and it automatically download all the packages and bring your system up-to-date in just one command.

What is a rootkit and should I worry about it??
Rootkit is a way in which crackers can crack into your computer and gain control over it .With GNU/Linux gaining popularity on the desktop market I would sincerely advice people to check your machines regularly with this utility called chkrootkit for signs of rootkit.

What are the free alternatives to software like Microsoft Money for GNU/Linux??
I have never used but this looks very promising.

Are there any coding standards which I can follow so that the C++ code which I write will compile on most of the platforms ??
C++ portability guide
Mozilla folks have put up a very good document for this.

Like MSDN(Microsoft Developer network) is there something for the GNU/Linux world??

Is there a way to control my computer using the TV remote control or can i control my TV with my laptop/computer??
Yes this is entirely possible.Take a look at the website.Most of the laptops have a IRda port which can be used.For a desktop you might have to buy a smalll serial IR adapter.
Imagine using your TV remote control to play/skip/pause mp3/ogg vorbis songs by controlling your mp3/ogg vorbis players. Linux IR Control

I want to buy new hardware for GNU/Linux.Are there any websites which discuss harware compatibility with GNU/Linux ??
The Linux Documentation Project : Harware compatibility
Linux Harware Database
Red Hat Harware Compatibility List
Huge list of USB Hardware compatible with GNU/Linux.

I've heard that there is a movie about GNU/Linux,do you know its name??
Yeah there is a 90-minute documentary film about GNU/Linux.It is called Revolution OS
.There is a 3-minute trailer of the movie on ifilm.
You can buy the DVD/VHS from Think Geek.

Is there a way I can see a slide show(maybe in full screen too) of all the images in a particular directory ??
GQView is the tool which you can use to do that.

I have created a GNU/Linux bootable floppy but I want to convert it into a bootable CD instead??
This is an easy way to create a bootable CD for GNU/Linux and it definitely cut shorts some booting time as CD is inherently faster than a floppy.

Which are the job sites which have jobs targetted for GNU/Linux.??
HotLinux jobs

Im a (happy)GNU/Linux user should I care about Microsoft's Palladium(TCPA) Platform ??
MS to eradicate GPL, hence GNU/Linux.
These sites are currently helping create awareness about TCPA and how it will seriously affect the consumers.
Windows 1984

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