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This is a list of hardware which I possess and have been able to successfully make it work with GNU/Linux

37 inch LCD TV ($1200 incl tax)
Syntax 37" ÖLEVIA LCD TV

Syntax USB 400 802.11b (USB Adapter for wi-fi) (Free after Rebate)
I spend quite a weeks to make it work without ndiswrapper , but was not successful.Then I finally used ndiswrapper along with the drivers which came on the CD.

USB 2.0 to IDE Adapter Cable ($13 incl shipping)
Bought this Adapter from ebay for $13 shipped so that I could connect my internal DVD IDE drive to the HTPC desktop.Works fine on GNU/Linux.Note that it gets mounted as a scsi drive for example on my machine it is /dev/scd0 .No special drivers needed for the scsi-ide emulator.

You might wonder why did I buy this considering that I have a desktop and it can very well go in the desktop.
The main reason I bought this was to increase the FAF(Family Acceptance Factor) of my HTPC.Now with a long USB cable I just put this DVD drive over the furniture so that it gives a feel of a STB(Set-top box).

Generic 2.5" Hard drive enclosure(Free-after Rebate)
Dell Dimension has a single bay to hold a single hard drive.An additional bracket to hold the hard drive costs about $30 from Dell, what a ripoff.Anyways I bought these hard drive enclosures from Fry's which allow me to connect my laptop's 2.5 inch hard drive as an external USB 2.0 device.Also it is powered by the USB hub so one less power cord in the house.No special drivers needed as it uses the usb-mass storage modules.

Generic GPS Mouse(BU-303 model) ($70 incl shipping)
I bought this GPS mouse which connects to a laptop from ebay for about $70( bought it around 2003) shipped.Works fine with GNU/Linux but unfortunately there are no mapping software available on GNU/Linux which are capable of doing following essential functionality ilke voice navigation,auto-routing etc.

Sharp Zaurus(SL-5500) PDA ($165 incl shipping)
This is a natively Linux based PDA ,that is unlike other PDA's Sharp is selling it with Linux as a bundled in operating system. It is a little bulky compared to other PDA's, but with a built-in keyboard,CF/SD slot , I'm not complaining.Too bad that Sharp yanked out this product line from the US market. Though you can find lots of sellers on ebay selling these.

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