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Tue, 04 Jun 2013

Downloading Knoppix 7.0.5 with Metalinks

I have converted all the HTTP/FTP link on the download/mirror page for Knoppix downloads into both Metalink/meta4 format.

Warning : First ensure you take a look at the file which you want to download.The metalink has ALL files of version 7.0.5 that is English DVD/CD and German DVD/CD and if you don't specify an index you will get all files ,which is unlikely that you want all of these DVD/CD's.
You might want to familiarize yourself with your Metalink compliant download manager on atleast 2 parameters(choosing a file in a multi-file metalink and the closest mirror).

As an example , I will show how to download using aria2, which is a command line download manager which supports metalinks and is available on all platforms.
Download the any(not both) of the file(KNOPPIX_V7.0.5.metalink,KNOPPIX_V7.0.5.meta4) which has mirror information from Knoppix 7.0.5.
Note you just need to download one file.The file with extension .metafile is version 3 and file with extension .meta4 is the latest version format from IETF. For this example I have downloaded the file KNOPPIX_V7.0.5.metalink using my browser.
The command to look at which files are in the metalink is as below

aria2c --show-files KNOPPIX_V7.0.5.metalink

Output of the above command will be something like below.Pay attention to the first parameter under column idx , that is your index of the file which you want to download.Remember you don't want to download all files as they are huge.

In the current version the following indexes are there
>>> Printing the contents of file 'KNOPPIX_V7.0.5.metalink'... Files:
1|KNOPPIX_V7.0.5DVD-2012-12-21-EN.iso |3,917.4MiB (4,107,761,664)
2|KNOPPIX_V7.0.5CD-2012-12-21-EN.iso |697.2MiB (731,115,520)
3|KNOPPIX_V7.0.5DVD-2012-12-21-DE.iso |3,917.4MiB (4,107,761,664)
4|KNOPPIX_V7.0.5CD-2012-12-21-DE.iso |697.2MiB (731,115,520)

So now say for example you want to download English version of the CD from US-based mirrors , then you would issue the command like below

aria2c --select-file=2 --metalink-location=us KNOPPIX_V7.0.5.metalink

Explanation of Command : The index is 2 because we want the 2nd file in the meta file and we want to download from US based mirrors.You can specify your 2 digit Top level domain of your country for the location or find a nearest mirror and its country.

In case you find any bugs or non-working mirrors etc please post on thisdiscussion forum

Tools used to check metalink files to ensure no broken links and also to convert from metalink version 3 to 4(approved by IETF version)

  • Metalink Checker
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