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Thu, 18 Mar 2010

Review of Madura Indian Cuisine

We went to this new place without doing any research or reading reviews on the internet. So we really did not know what to expect or even which type of Indian cuisine it was. The place was very clean and well kept. The decor/ambience was simple.

Then we ordered few south Indian dishes and since I like spicy stuff I ordered Spicy Uttapam.

Everything was served in clean stainless steel vessels including water.It was good to be served in re-useable vessels.

The food was served with lots of chutneys and sambhar and the chutneys were really very good and some were spicy too.

My Spicy uttapam was really spicy too.

Overall we really liked the food and will surely go there again.

Madura Indian Cuisine
(408) 245 2111
1635 Hollenbeck Ave,
Sunnyvale CA,

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Tue, 16 Feb 2010

Kudos to Chilis for publishing a clear Vegetarian Menu

Rarely do you see restaurants being so open about their menus especially for vegetarians.Chilis has vegetarian menu @
It has details to the level of whether it has eggs or other dairy products in it.
I will be sure to go to Chili's  :-).Thanks Chilis, Kudos to you.

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Sat, 17 May 2008

Kabab and Curry House, Santa Rosa

On our recent trip to Santa Rosa(in Napa) we ate at a nice Indian place in downtown Santa Rosa.The ambience of this place is very good.
We were not very hungry so we just ordered 1-2 dishes and they were pretty ok.
The service was very good
Though we did find this place a little pricey.

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