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Sun, 18 Apr 2010

Silicon  Valley Bike to Work Day May 13th

Join SVBC on May 13 for the 16th annual Bike to Work Day!

Once a year, on a warm May morning, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition encourages commuters to leave their cars at home and join tens of thousands of their fellow Bay Area residents in biking to work. The weather is perfect, the streets filled with cyclists, and energizer stations dot the landscape, staffed by volunteers eager to pass out treats and encouragement. Bike to Work Day is a vision of what the morning commute should look like: Parents and children, office workers, politicians, CEOs, all doing the unimaginable . enjoying their trips to work and school.

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Thu, 15 Jan 2009

OpenStreetMap , the Wikipedia for maps

I was looking for an open source alternative for mapping software and/or sites like or and there I came across a user edited wikipedia like site
. It currently has users all around the world and it is amazing how there is a lot of software around it to modify these maps online.
I did my share of modifying maps for locations around my apartment and filled in a lot of nodes/tags for locations around my apartment.
I used JOSM to edit the maps.
At this point it lacks the polish and content compared to Google maps/Yahoo maps etc and I would not recommend it for reliable directions etc.Give it a year or 2 and I'm fairly certain it will become as authoritative/popular and rich in content like Wikipedia.
Apart from that I'm still waiting for Roadnav to integrate tightly with OpenStreetMap.Once it is done it would be fun to use it.
Also please feel free to modify the maps and make it better.
There is a new routing service available , which operates on OSM data , it is called it seems at this time they don't have directions for US.

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Sun, 20 Apr 2008

Put 'ICE' On Your Cell Phone

Ever wondered how would emergency officials contact your kin in case of an emergency.Now there are traditional methods like drivers license and other form of identifications in your wallet which can help emergency professionals to contact your kin to find out of any active medication, or allergies etc, a new initiative has started around the world.It is a very simple initiative called ICE--In case of emergency.
So all you have to do is add a prefix ICE-- to your contacts in your cell phone address book so that emergency professionals can contact your designated emergency contact person.So for example it could be ICE--Mum, or ICE--Dad etc. The idea is very very simple and yet very powerful and it has picked up lot of momentum especially in the UK(where the initiative was started).
You can read more about it on the following websites.
'ICE' Cell Phone Plan Would Help Rescuers
Put 'ICE' On Your Cell Phone
In case of emergency, put 'ICE' on cell phone

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