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Sun, 27 Oct 2013

Freedom Pop Bolt on GNU/Linux

I recently bought Freedom Stick bolt to try out WiMax coverage in my area.
There was a deal going on where you could buy this device for less then $10 shipped.
With this device you get free 500 MB per month for WiMax coverage on Sprint/Clearwire's network.Most likely with the recent acquisition by Sprint for Clearwire they might stop investing in it , and just standardize on the global LTE standard.But until then if you are in one of the metros which has Clear wire coverage you can enjoy high speed interenet wirelessly for your computer.
I tested it with Debian GNU/Linux wheezy version and out of the box it is working fine and I can browse the internet from anywhere there is coverage.I was amazed by the ability to plug and play this device and getting an internet connection without any configuration changes.
The stick is called a Ubee Stick PXU1964 from a company and is marketed under a different name on Clear wire's network as "Clear Stick Atlas "

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