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Thu, 23 Dec 2010

Portable Space heaters for reducing energy consumption

We live in an apartment and have baseboard heaters whcih heat the entire room.I started reading about portable heaters , the types which just heat a particular area and I thought of using it during the night time when we are sleeping in bed.
To try out these I bought 2 portable heaters
  1. Workforce 1,500-Watt Portable Forced-Air Heater ($17.99)
  2. Presto HeatDish Parabolic Heater Plus Footlight($60 from Costco)
So far Im happy with both of them.The forced air heater we use during the day and night time when we are awake because it uses a fan to force the heated air and so it is a little noisy and then the Presto Heat dish for night time.Luckily I have the Presto heatdish without Footlight.The only gripe I have about the Presto Heat dish is that it will not work unless the surface on which it is located is really flat otherwise it starts making scary noises(their built-in alarm to warn of trip over).
Unfortunately I don 't have a fool proof way of figuring out whether my energy consumption is reduced or not with this , because we cannot find the energy usage of base board heaters in our apartment.But it seems logical that using the above 2 heaters , we should be able to reduce our energy usage mainly due to the fact that we are not heating the entire room , just the smaller  

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Sun, 21 Feb 2010

Auger to the rescue when Toilet plunger does not work

One of the most common ways to unclog a toilet bowl is to use a Toilet plunger.But in many many circusmtances it is not effective especially when a lot of toilet paper is clogged.
Before you call a plumber and pay big bucks you might want to buy an Toilet auger from stores like  OSH/Home Depot etc for about $18.It is very very effective.
You can watch a short Youtube video on how to use it.It is very easy.

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