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Wed, 26 Jan 2011

House Advantage: The Sure Thing

An animated explanation of how banks use securities lending to make a profit, while their customers cover the losses.
A must watch video to see how various banks generate profits at the cost of their customers.

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Sat, 06 Feb 2010

ETF's versus Mutual Funds , Head to Head now

Finally, ETF's have caught up on being no-transaction fee like Mutual Funds.
I always wanted to be able to buy ETF's in my 401k but the problem is when you are buying ETF's on a monthly basis or any other patterns you always end up paying transaction fee/commission.
Compare that to a Mutual fund , whether you buy $100 of Mutual Fund or $10 you dont pay any transaction fee.
Now the same cost structure has been extended to ETF's where in quite a few brokerage firms like Charles Schwab/Fidelity etc have started offering no transaction fees for ETF's.
One thing to note when you are comparing any ETF against any corresponding mutual funs , is to compare the Expense Ratios also.
Man I love competition , it always works in consumers favour .The ETF industry is ready to shake up the territory of Mutual Funds which dont seem to have innovated for recent years.
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