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Sun, 05 Aug 2012

Using UEFI, GPT on a USB drive on Debian Squeeze

It has been a while that I intended to play with UEFI(Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) the successor to BIOS(not updated since 1979 or so) and using GPT(Guid Parition table)
Since I'm failry new to this I started off with my expresscard SSD(like a usb flash drive) .
One of the main problems I ran into was that the Grub version on Debian squeeze is much older and kept on giving me weird errors.So I followed the directions in the links below to install the latest grub from SID and then was able to boot from my UEFI into my GPT into my linux partition.
Also I used chroot to make all these changes because once you convert your MBR based hard drive to GPT , your drive will be unbootable , so be careful before you do this on your main hard drives or be sure to backup the MBR in case you need to restore it.
Here are the various links which helped me

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