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Tue, 18 Jun 2013

gopost , a new service from USPS

I have been a little skeptical of USPS(United States Postal Service) for lack of innovation and rapidly changing with modern times and usage patterns in the world of Internet.
USPS has laucnched a new service called gopost, which allows you the following
  • Ability to pick up your packages anywhere in US where goPost is available
  • Ability to pick up your packages 24x7 in US where goPost is available
  • Ability to hold packages at gopost while you are away on vacation and your cheapo ebay stuff :-) is getting shipped from China/Hong Kong and you dont know when it will arrive.But you don't want it lying on your front door announcing to thieves that you are not at home for a few weeks.
All this is free of charge
On their FAQ's site it does not allow any letters or envelopes lesser then 3/4 of an inch to be delivered to gopost.Alas I still cannot dump my useless mailbox which is most of the times empty or with junk mail.
Personally I feel it is a matter of time , that as people become more and more mobile and more dependent on emails , the gopost way is the right way to go and not so in the distant future , mailboxes fixed to your house will be a thing of the past

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