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Sat, 09 Apr 2011

Sleazy Comcast business practices

Comast has been cheating me till now by adding Service Protection Plan($1.95) on a monthly basis .
When i chatted with them they said i must have approved it.That is incorrect as for 3 years no technician came to my house.
So finally they removed it on my account and i asked them to do it retroactively.Which they gladly agreed.
So much for monopoly as in my apartment i can only get comcast.
There are other billing discrepancies also.
All in all i can say comcast is a bad company to deal with.just like other monopolies treats its customers like crap and FCC is sleeping with them.

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Sun, 13 Feb 2011

Read before you rent a car

So I needed to rent a few days and so was searching on insurance coverage of my existing policy.It is so difficult to figure this out.
Came across this very good article @

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Fri, 05 Nov 2010

Dollars for Docs : What Drug Companies are Paying Your Doctor

Drug companies have long kept secret details of the payments they make to doctors for promoting their drugs. But seven companies have begun posting names and compensation on the Web, some as the result of legal settlements. ProPublica compiled these disclosures, totaling $258 million, into a single database that allows patients to search for their doctor. Receiving payments isn.t necessarily wrong, but it does raise ethical issues.
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Fri, 20 Nov 2009

Why pay monthly cable modem rental ?

So the other day my cable modem which I bought couple of years ago died.
So in emergency I had to go to the local comcast store to get a cable modem and they happily rented me.
I also came to know that the Comcast charges $5 monthly rental for it.And boy I said to myself what a ripoff ?
I'm surprised to see that people actually pay $5 per month to comcast for cable modem rental.That is $60 per year.
Anyways I immediately ordered a new cable modem for about $25 shipped from newegg.I bought the LINKSYS CM100-RM

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Mon, 13 Jul 2009

Universal Cell phone chargers

Isn't it a pain to carry different chargers for different cell phones .Big phone makers in Europe have now agreed to a new standard called micro-USB  which will allow the phone chargers to be standardized.
I wish we have the same thing in US also.It amazes me , as to how far the US is behind other countries as far as cell phones are concerned.
The environment impact of this is pretty huge because imagine the number of power adapters which will be saved from the landfill.
It is a welcome move and I hope it gets extended to other devices like cameras/laptops/gps etc.
Read more @

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