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Mon, 26 Jan 2015

Bye Bye Grub , Linux Kernel as Bootloader

It had been a while that I had UEFI and GPT installed on my hard drive(my post and during that time I recalled that there was some way to bypass Grub as a bootloader and use the Linux Kernel directly as a bootloader.
So I wanted to try that out.My main criteria was to ensure that my current setup (of using grub) continues to work and at the same time I wanted to only use the Debian stock kernel.
In my quest to achieve fastest boot possible for my laptop , I wanted to ideally get rid of all bootloaders and so I used efibootmgr to register the Debian Jessie stock kernel with my UEFI and lo and behold I completely bypassed Grub2.
Note that as my UEFI board supports multi-boot , I was able to continue to use Grub as my backup mode for UEFI simulataneously with this setup.
All you need to do , to get this working in Debian Jessie(might work in Debian Wheezy as well) is to follow the instructions on this page

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